Best matcha tea set for Oriental Ambiance

Matcha Tea Set For Oriental Ambiance

Matcha tea is beloved by millions as an undisputed drink for overall good health. The powerful antioxidants it contains invigorate brain cells, benefit the heart and soothe the nerves. New studies are being made daily on this simple energy producer with remarkable findings about the positive effect it has on the human body. See the matcha tea set today.

Matcha is not only amazing for its healthy attributes, but it can be prepared in a lot of ways that make it taste really great! It is an extremely versatile food, since it can be added to frozen treats, mixed into baked goods, or simply consumed by itself as a delicious hot drink.

Once you have enjoyed the benefits of matcha green tea, it will quickly become a daily ritual that you’ll want to return to again and again. Although matcha can be enjoyed with ordinary utensils, true matcha lovers will want to use the specialized equipment.

The matcha tea set was developed for consumers to get the most pleasure from this enticing green drink. Here are some options to consider for your next drink of matcha green tea.

The Matcha Tea Set

Why buy all of your matcha utensils one at a time when you can buy them in a complete set? The matcha tea set contains everything you need to begin your journey into the wonders of green tea, with emphasis on its traditional use. Each tea set will vary somewhat depending on the place of purchase. A standard set will contain a charming tin of organic tea, a wisk and matcha bowl. Some may also come with a spoon.

The matcha wisk for foamy efervescents

Matcha Wisk And Spoon

Transport yourself into Japanese culture and tradition as you drink by using a wisk and spoon made of renewable bamboo. Bamboo is a common part of Japanese culture, as the moist, hot climate is perfect for this durable plant. Bamboo has become world-renowned as a renewable resource, and it is plentiful in Japan. Unlike other woods, bamboo that is cut down can be quickly replaced, because of its rapid growth rate.

The construction of the bamboo wisk makes all the difference in the appeal of the matcha drink. It serves the same use as a kitchen wisk, but is designed to be much more delicate in appearance. Its wispy fronds aerate the green liquid and turn it into a magically foamy, bubbly and effervescent cup of tea that is fit for a king.

It makes the bubbly brew smooth going down, like the whipped cream that is sometimes placed on top of it. Most tea sets will provide a base for the matcha wisk to rest on when not in use, intended to spread the fronds and keep them dry.

The bamboo spoon isn’t for stirring or even for sipping. Nor does it look like a kitchen spoon. It more closely resembles a tiny lever or dental implement. The Japanese word for it is a “chashaku”. It is traditionally used to dose out the exact amount of green powder needed for a tasty drink of matcha tea. Add it to water that is hot but not boiling, for the best flavor.

Experience the matcha bowl difference

The Matcha Bowl

Why drink matcha from a bowl instead of from a cup? The Japanese feel that a drink of matcha tea is a total sensory experience. It should be appreciated fully each time you consume it. In fact, tradition dictates that it should be taken in quick, brief sips. The matcha tea set allows for a complete flavor impact, as the foamy fumes reach your nose, lips and tongue in graduated succession.

Increase The Pleasure With More Utensils

A matcha tea set is the perfect accompaniment for your own brew of tea, but you can also share the experience with others. Matcha spoons, bowls and other implements can be purchased separately for other household members. A complete matcha tea set can also be purchased for any special occasion.They come in a beautiful Oriental box with all implements included. It is an unusual gift set to introduce a treasured friend to this delightful drink.

Once you’ve tried the utensils that make matcha so special, you probably won’t want to go back to using your ordinary kitchen utensils. Like any other special tools, the traditional matcha tea set adds excitement and an Oriental ambiance to the enjoyment of this fantastic drink.